Haida 150 Series Filter Pouch (HD3262)


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Haida 150 Series Filter Pouch (HD3262)

Product Highlights

Holds Six Filters up to 150 x 170mm in size
Nonabrasive Pockets
Zippered and Touch-Tab Closure
Rear Tripod Loop
Clip-On Shoulder Strap
Durable, Nylon Exterior

Product Description

The Haida 150 Insert Filter Pouch is designed to provide a secure and convenient, transport and storage solution for any combination of up to six Haida 150 x 150mm or 150 x 170mm filters. Filters placed within this pouch are each held within one of six padded, nonabrasive slots. They can be easily accessed by opening its zippered closure and touch-tab fastened front flap which covers an outer pocket that can accommodate a Haida 150 filter holder kit.

When photographing with a tripod and a Haida filter system, a loop along the rear of the Haida 150 Insert Filter Pouch allows it to be draped over that tripod, putting your filters in more immediate reach. This pouch’s exterior is woven from nylon for durability, and an adjustable, clip-on shoulder strap allows for over-the-shoulder carrying as well.


Filter Pouch: 8.1 x 3.1 x 8.7″ (205.0 x 80.0 x 220.0 mm)
Shoulder Strap: 30.7″ (78.0 cm)
Weight: 141.7g


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