Haida NanoPro 100×150 & 150×170 Graduated ND (GND) Filters – 100 & 150 Series


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Haida NanoPro Multi Coated Graduated ND Filters

Made of optical glass, Haida NanoPro filters are designed to provide a neutral performance that leaves no color cast and preserves image sharpness.

Applied on both sides of the filter are several layers of coatings which help reduce ghosting and reflections. The coating also makes the surface resistant to scratches and repels water, making it easier to clean when using the filter in inclement conditions.

These Graduated Neutral Density Filters from Haida are designed to darken select portions of your image without affecting image sharpness or color reproduction.


Soft edged filters feature a soft edge in its center, slowly fading from completely clear to partially darkened as we move towards the top. This allows the filter to keep bright skies under control without creating a line in the image.

Graduated ND filters have a smooth transition from clear to a 3-stop reduction


Hard edged filters feature a center that starkly divides the clear section and the darkened section, making this filter ideal for photos with a sharp horizon such as seascapes and elevated urban landscapes.

Hard graduated ND filters have a line in the center dividing a clear zone from a 3-stop reduction


  • Darkens Selected portions of the image
  • Allows Reduced Shutter Speed
  • Allows Wider Aperture
  • Multi-Coated for Increased Performance and increase resistance to dust, scratches and marks
  • Designed for Neutral Color Rendition
  • Thickness of 2mm
  • Optical Glass Material
  • Ideal for landscape photography
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Filter Size

100 Series, 150 Series, Circular Filter

Filter Type

Circular Polarizing Filter (C-PL), Graduated Neutral Density (GND), Neutral Density (ND), Reverse Graduated Neutral Density (RGND)

ND Value

ND0.6 (2 Stop), ND0.9 (3 Stop), ND1.2 (4 Stop), ND1.8 (6 Stop), ND3.0 (10 Stop), ND3.6 (12 Stop)

Soft Grad / Hard Grad

Soft Grad, Hard Grad


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