Leofoto LH-40 Low Profile Ball Head with Quick Release Plate


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Leofoto LH-40 Overview


An excellent ballhead from Leofoto featuring a knob-driven clamp, the LH-40 Low Profile Ball Head comes included with a quick release plate that attaches to your camera.

With a fixed height of 2.7″ and a large ball diameter of 1.6″, the low-profile design of this ball head allows it to safely support equipment as heavy as 20kg (40lb)

The LH-40 is compatible with Arca Swiss type plates, and features a bubble level as well as distance markings at the top right next to where the plate is attached. A large knob on the right side is used for panning 360°, with notches on the base enabling 90° tilt in two directions for easy portrait shooting. Independent pan lock and friction control knobs are also available and can be used to easily fine-tune your composition. With a weight of  just over half a kilo, the ball head is made of anodized aluminum for durability and goes on any tripod with a 3/8″-16 screw.

  • Uses a knob-driven clamp and a quick release plate to secure equipment as heavy as 20kg
  • Low height of 2.7″, with a weight of 518g and a ball diameter of 1.6″ that lends it increased stability
  • Compatible with most Arca Swiss style quick release plates
  • Capable of 360° panning, with two notches on the base that allow the head to reach a tilt angle of 90°
  • Three knobs for position adjustment, offering independent pan movement and tension control when used in conjunction
  • Bubble level and distance markings at the top, next to the plate, for improved use
  • Made of durable anodized aluminum, fits tripods with a 3/8″-16 mount

Leofoto LH-40 Specs


Load Capacity 20 kg / 44.1 lb
Ball Sphere Diameter 1.6″ / 4 cm
Base Diameter 2.2″ / 5.7 cm
Quick Release Yes
Spirit Level Yes
Pan Range 360°
Maximum Tilt 90°
Tension Control Yes
Separate Panning Lock Yes
Tripod Mount Thread Size 3/8″-16
Height 2.7″ / 6.9 cm
Weight 520 g
Weight 650 g