Haida PROII 10 Stop (ND1000) 1000x Slim Frame Filter


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Haida PRO II Slim ND3.0 (1000X)
Neutral Density (ND) Filter

We are very proud to offer the new Haida Multi-Coated PROII filters

Haida’s PROII range of filters build on their previous very successful filters.

The PRO II range are manufactured using Schott glass (same glass found in B&W & Heliopan filters).

The multi coating features:-

Anti fouling (repels oil, water etc)
Scratch resistant

These coatings mean:-

Easy Cleaning
Reduced reflections to help prevent glare and ghosting
Fantastic durability  

The filter ring is coated using an Anodic oxidation matte black to greatly reduce reflections

Slim filter frame with double threads, meaning it’s perfectly compatible with wide angle lenses


Frame Profile: Slim
Filter Density: ND3.0 (1000x)
fStop Reduction: 10 (approx)
Double Threaded: Yes
Multi-Coated: Yes (3 Coatings)
Optical Material: Quality Schott Optical Glass
Frame Material: Aluminium

Filter Size

52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm


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